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Do you have a PS4 or just Nintendo?

I have a PS3 and VIta and I’ll get PS4 once the new Uncharted, Kingdom Hearts and Tekken come out.


This was by far the most important thing that happened in Australia in the year 2000

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Wow you’re writing is flawless 8)

lol I wouldn’t go that far, but thank you!

kotobiwa replied to your photo “HANDWRITING CHALLENGE - tagged by punchyleaf Why you might be…”

You have such nice penmanship!

haha thanks, i’m glad someone thinks so :)


I’m going jogging. Please pray for me

yup. bad idea.

Almost tripped running away from a bird that swooped me….

I’m going jogging. Please pray for me

HANDWRITING CHALLENGE - tagged by punchyleaf

Why you might be interested in my penmanship is beyond me, but here’s the chicken scrawl I call my handwriting anyway.

1. Name
2. URL
3. Blog title
4. Who’s your crush
5. Favorite color
7. Favorite band
8. Favorite number
9. Favorite drink
10. Tag 10 people 
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Do this if you’re bored, i duuno.

PS this was written in my Death Note so I may have murdered all of you.


Wtf is snoop even doing these days?!

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holy shit

look at this

I don’t even know where to begin.

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